Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tim Bedley's 5th Grade Room During Math Class

Mr. Bedley's Fifth Grade Room at Earl Warren Elementary
     It's No School day (2/18/2015) for me. But for Tim Bedley, today was a workday. Yippee!

     This is the first time I met an educator I respect and follow on Twitter who actually invited me to his classroom. Notice anything different? Yeah. The Couch. And the beach chairs. And I don't know if you can see, but he has boards ALL AROUND his room. That's my kind of guy. I think I remember seeing about 7 desks in his room. 

Notice the boards all around his room! He checks for understanding in the middle of the room.
     So I went to visit him specifically for his math session using his boards. Some of us call it #360math. Of course, he greeted me with his smile, and in addition to free professional development, he even paid for my sandwich I picked up for both of us. Yup! It was my charm, I'm sure. In return, I got a box of chips for his students. 

     As soon as students walk in from recess, they gather to the middle of the room. And there is a lead student. This student has the question on the board. They talk about the imposter set. Students use hand signals to show that they have one or more answers. Right now, they have to explain which number doesn't belong and why. The lead student has a can with number sticks. She randomly draws from the can when she needs to. Some students said 35 is the odd one out since 5+7=12. Others said 12 is out since 12 is the only even number. Others said 5,7 and 35 are MULTIPLES of 70 so 12 is out. Then of course, Mr. Bedley asks what a multiple is. They discuss. They finally learn that 5,7, and 35 are FACTORS of 70, not multiples. They are so cute as they discuss and fight over their answers. And their hand gestures are too much for me to keep up with. 
     Next, they all get to their boards or "go home". I like this picture. It's just like my room but the kids are smaller and cuter. He makes them draw quadrants so when they get to me, they won't get their quadrants mixed up.
     I totally fell in love. Students were following directions and solving math problems. After this, students get to work on a worksheet.  The ones who got the first question correct got to eat my chips. Mr. Bedley let me work with the students. They were so adorable. When the faster learners are done, they sit on the floor and start reading. There is no class time wasted.

     So why am I blogging about his room? Because I saw a room that is not mine. And I learned stuff. Right now, I am thinking I want to get rid of my desks. I am also thinking that I need to talk less and let students talk more like Mr. Bedley. I am thinking I need to use my boards more. My boards feel like decoration now that I have seen how Mr. Bedley uses his boards. 

     Mr. Bedley is so humble. He asked me, "So is there anything you want to teach me?". I said, "uh..... no." 

     Thank you Mr. Bedley, for lunch, for the professional development and for allowing me to interact with your precious ones. I am hoping you will continue to be around to spark my enthusiasm. :)